Current projects

Read more about our work, from the Clean River Kent Campaign to improving green spaces around the village.

In 2024, we received a Climate and Nature Partnership Grant from Westmorland & Furness Council, in partnership with Staveley with Ings Parish Council.

This will allow us to move forward with lots of important plans, from designating and improving green spaces around the Parish, to working with young people and doing a feasibility study on introducing more local transport options.

Clean River Kent Campaign

The Clean River Kent Campaign (CRKC) is a coalition of communities living along the river Kent in Cumbria, established in autumn 2021. We work to understand sources of pollution in the river and drive efforts to improve the water quality for people and wildlife.


Our green spaces

We’ll generate community participation to better understand the green spaces we have in Staveley and Ings – both the ones already in use and potential new spaces.


Alec Row

Alec Row, on Staveley’s main street, is in the process of being transformed into an attractive community area, with car parking, recycling and a recreational space.


The Green Gateway

We’re looking at ways to green the ‘gateway’ to Staveley, entering from the Windermere direction, to create a welcoming feel to the village and boost biodiversity. 

Two people using tools to repair an electrical item at a Repair Café in Staveley.

Skills & Repair Café

The Westmorland & Furness Council funding will allow us to continue our well-established Skills & Repair Cafés throughout 2024.

These are friendly community spaces where people can come and have broken items fixed by our marvellous menders, as well as learning to make repairs themselves.

This encourages a culture of fixing, rather than sending items to landfill.

A person with an ebike looking at a view of a sunny landscape near Staveley

Community Ebikes scheme

Sustainable Staveley has supported the initial phase of a community Ebikes scheme, which will be self-supporting in 2-3 years.

Grant funding from Westmorland & Furness Council will cover insurance costs for the next 12 months as the scheme develops.

Two young girls using compost from a home compost bin.

Community composting

This project aims to encourage everyone to compost at home, to reduce the use of commercial packaged compost and especially the use of peat compost, which is incredibly damaging for the climate.

Child and parent taking part in an activity

Increasing community engagement with environmental projects

We’re linking up and improving sources of online information, as well as the way we use physical noticeboards in the area. The aim is to ensure that local people are informed about and engaged with environmental issues, and how they can get involved to tackle them.

Damson orchard

We run work parties at the Elf Howe damson orchard, either clearing, prepping and maintaining the space, or picking the harvest come late summer. The fruit is used by local businesses.

A group of children sitting together on a bench in Staveley.

Young people for young people

We aim to provide ways for young people to get involved with environmental projects and issues, so that they continue to participate in village life and have opportunities to socialise.