Sustainable Staveley


Sustainable Staveley is a website bringing together different initiatives in the village of Staveley, in the Lake District to tackle the climate crisis.  You will find information on current and past projects which include green energy, sustainable transport and five short films about the village. There are also links to further sources of information, local news and suggestions on how to take action to tackle climate change and promote biodiversity.

SENS was formed in November 2007 to promote sustainability action in the village, by looking at ways to reduce home energy use, explore the potential for hydro-electric schemes, promote cycling and walking, develop renewable technologies and raise awareness of and take action on climate change.  2015 floods brought (climate) chaos to our village, and since then we have seen episodes of extreme weather each year.


The SENS AGM will take place on 21 January at 19.00 – it will be a virtual, Zoom meeting – the link you will need to attend is below.

Please find below links to the papers:
MINUTES – previous AGM
Committee notes
Officers terms of office

The finance reports for 2019 & 2020 will be shared on screen during the meeting.

It will be a Zoom meeting. If you have Zoom installed click on the link below. If you don’t have Zoom installed you can go to the Zoom website via your browser and enter the meeting details (ID and passcode below):

Meeting ID: 786 9053 8538
Passcode: g8C6FX


Find out more about some of our recent activities in 2020/21, and you can read our newsletters as well for more background: 

  1. Active Travel Survey 2020 

  2. Cold to Cosy – helping local households with energy efficiency measures this winter 

  3. Leaflets – Back to Nature and Climate Change Action 

  4. Newsletters 


 A project last year was Staveley Futures – a series of short films to get people talking about our future as a rural community, and how we can become more ‘resilient’.  Watch the 5 films here, or subscribe to our YouTube Channel ‘Sustainable Staveley’.