What we do

Sustainable Staveley brings together initiatives in the Lake District village of Staveley that are helping to tackle the climate crisis.

It’s coordinated by Sustainability and Energy Network in Staveley (SENS), which was formed in November 2007 to promote sustainability action in the village.

We’re constantly looking at ways to reduce home energy use, exploring the potential for schemes like hydro-electric, promoting cycling and walking, and various other ways to raise awareness of and tackle climate change. Take a look around to find out how you can get involved or contact us directly.

New members welcome!
Whether you want to be on our mailing list, take part in current projects or propose a new one, we’d love to have you. Contact Fran (821459) or senstaveley@gmail.com


▪ To reduce the human impact on both the local and global ecology

▪ To increase the use of alternative fuel and power sources within the Kent valley and surrounding area

▪ To increase local and global awareness of ecological, fair trade and sustainability issues in the Kent valley and surrounding area

2023 Officers

Chair: Isobel Stoddart
Secretary: Sheila Adam
Treasurer: Ken Jackson

Committee Members:
Mike Cambray, Alistair Kirkbride, Alasdair Muir, Dave Plumb, Daniel Rayson, Fran Richardson, Sue Walley, Wendi Lethbridge

Constitution and policies

SENS constitution

SENS privacy notice

SENS safeguarding policy

SENS equality and diversity policy

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