Staveley and Area Community Land Trust (SCLT)


What is a Community Land Trust (CLT)?

A CLT is a community-led organisation that provides land and buildings to meet the long term needs of its community. It offers a way to provide permanently affordable housing as well as other things that the community needs, like energy supply projects, meeting spaces, work spaces, pubs, shops, farms, gardens, woodland. It holds these assets in trust so the community benefits for ever.

What happens to any profits?

All CLTs are not for profit organisations. They reinvest any surplus they make into the community instead of making private profits for share holders.

What happens when we finish building?

The CLT stewards what it builds and holds it in trust for the community so that the homes and other assets are available for the community for ever. This way it is not just the first generation of the community that reaps the rewards. It is a long term, sustainable investment with, and for the community.

What’s happened so far?

Presently there is a small Steering Group investigating the actions needed to set up a CLT, and how it would be structured to best serve the needs of the parishes of Staveley, Ings and Kentmere. We are working with the parish council on what steps need to be taken initially and have had introductory discussions with the National Park planners. We have secured a start-up grant which will enable the Steering Group to get some project management support from the Cumbria Rural Housing Trust, and formally establish a group in due course.

We are supporting the development of a Housing Needs survey as the present one is out-of-date (last carried out in 2008), so we can clarify what the real need is in the community today.

We would like to hold a Open Day in one of the village halls to look at the varied assets that the parishes already have, and what potential there is to develop these further.

We want to look at the viability of a CLT – what benefits it can bring to Staveley,  whether  there is sufficient local interest in pursuing the idea, as well as helping to run it for the long term.

We are encouraging local groups, organisations and individuals to get involved and contribute their ideas.

How can you help?

  • With the survey: Please complete the survey and make your needs known.
  • With the Land Trust: We encourage you to participate to help us to identify specific needs eg. sheltered housing.
  • General support:  we are looking for members of the community both to work on the Steering Group and also to oversee the SCLT, if it is formed, to ensure it’s long term success.
  • Specific skills and experience: we are a volunteer group always on the look out for people who have particular experience / knowledge that could be helpful.

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