destruction/care – art exhibition

Staveley-based art project guttersnipe are running their destruction/care exhibition at the Abbey bus stop during August and September, with workshops in July.

Black text on a white background, saying 'guttersnipe destruction/care 14 August-22 September'

destruction/care is an exhibition of social forces and creative actions in Staveley, running for six weeks in the Abbey bus shelter. It’s the work of guttersnipe, a Staveley-based charitable organisation that exists to tackle community fragmentation and support emerging artists. 

The aim of the work is to show users of the 555 bus how much the village community cares, and to raise awareness of how communities can contribute time, resources, creativity or attention to the issues neighbours face together. 

guttersnipe have worked with Gowan Stop&Go, a team of volunteers who took responsibility for the survival and improvement of Staveley’s public loos after a threatened closure by South Lakeland District Council. 

They’ve recorded damage to the toilets, as well as volunteer work to mend and clean them. The exhibition will pose the questions:

What drives people to be destructive?

How can we be creative when we want to destroy?

Is destruction creative?

How can we take better care of our surroundings? 

Drop in art workshops are taking place at the Abbey bus shelter on the following dates: