Exciting updates to the Staveley Ebikes scheme

Our Ebikes scheme is having a mini-refresh!

Our Ebikes scheme is having a mini-refresh, with new tariffs, an exciting addition to the fleet and support from Jenny Lyons at Smile Cycling.

New rates and tariffs to suit you

We’re replacing the previous subscriptions with a one-off £20 registration fee. Three new tariffs give you more choice about how you use the bikes and when.

Standard tariff:

£2.50 per hour for any journey.  

To & Fro tariff

£2 per hour rate for a minimum of 4-hours in a day-time block between 6am and 6pm.

Don’t pay for the dead time your bike is locked up during the day – like when you’re going for a walk, swim, visiting friends, going shopping or in a meeting.

Night Out tariff

£8 flat rate for up to 6 hours between 6pm and 12am.

Don’t pay for the dead time your bike is locked up during the evening – such as when you are in the cinema, having a meal/drink.

Check out the new tariffs and book your ride here.

If you already purchased a six or 12-month subscription, we’re happy to discuss how to compensate you for the additional payment you’ve made to the scheme.

Simplifying your experience

In the near future, you’ll be able to attach the charging cables to the bikes, so you won’t need to worry about swapping batteries at the end of your ride – you just lock the bikes up, plug in the charging cable and return the bike lock key. Done!

We’ll also be issuing a revised user manual with the new instructions on how to access the bikes. You’ll still need to access the locker if you want to borrow a helmet, or have time to fill in the log books.

New addition to the fleet – a trailer!

Soon, we’ll add a new trailer and lock to so that you can go out for a ride with family in tow, or use the extra space to transport your weekly shop.

‘Buddy’ bike sessions with Jenny Lyons of Smile Cycling

Jenny Lyons has partnered with us to offer free ‘Buddy’ bike sessions to all users. She’s recently trained as a cycling instructor and is keen to help people develop the skills and confidence to cycle safely, calmly and more often.

Jenny is happy to spend about an hour, free of charge, with an individual or pair who want to try out the Ebikes. She’ll help you to get to know the bikes a bit and test out how they feel to ride, helping you to learn confidence-boosting skills like bike control, correct road positioning and communicating with fellow road users. 

Jenny is usually available on Fridays but might be able to arrange other times. If you’re interested in this free offer, please contact hello@communityebikes.org