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An open book placed on the ground in a green garden, with flowers over the pages.

There’s nothing like reading a good book to help change our perspective and spur us into action. We’re gathering reviews of nature- and sustainability-focused books that offer insights, solutions, and a profound appreciation for our planet. Hopefully, we can inspire your next read – one that will provide fresh motivation to protect our natural world.

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The Garden Jungle (or Gardening to Save the Planet)
by Dave Goulson

Reviewed by SENS Chair, Isobel

The Garden Jungle was the first book I’ve read by Dave Goulson – I wasn’t sure what to expect but now want to read his others! It was so informative and enjoyable at the same time.

It’s a wonderful insight into all the amazing creatures that live right under our noses all around us – in our front and back gardens, at the allotment, and in parks and fields. Dave writes in a very straightforward, entertaining way, with lots of interesting anecdotes about the amazing, tiny species of wildlife that we take for granted but are completely dependent on for our survival.

Book cover of Dave Goulson's 'The Garden Jungle' showing illustrations of wild flowers and insects.

He manages to combine serious messages the harm being done to these creatures alongside stories of conservation successes, plus offers lots of valuable information for gardeners. The book is sprinkled throughout with fascinating fun facts presented in a very personal way. You get a real sense of the passion Dave has for his subject, and you come away wanting to know more, and spread the word on how we need to respect and protect our local wildlife, from earwigs to bees, ladybirds to hoverflies, worms to lacewings. All heroes of our back gardens!

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