Cold to Cosy Homes, Cumbria

Cold to Cosy Homes is a Cumbria-wide project to help people make their homes warmer and more comfortable, as well as saving on heating bills and reducing energy use. The focus is on simple measures to reduce draughts as well as energy saving measures such as LED light bulbs.

It is co-ordinated by Cumbria Action for Sustainability (known as CAfS) and is free for people who meet one of the criteria which include a range of health conditions, as well as those on a low income or who are otherwise vulnerable.

In Staveley and Ings we are distributing a leaflet about Cold to Cosy Homes to every household, and you will see posters around the village.

Download a copy of a poster here

The Women’s Institute and SENS are working together to provide further information for those who may be eligible, and to offer to support householders who decide to apply.

Q What is Cold to Cosy Homes?

A Cold to Cosy Homes is a local service to help you turn your home from cold to cosy.

Q How do I find out about it?

A You can call 01768 216500 or apply at

Q What happens then?

A The first step is to book a call from an advisor to talk about what sorts of things might help. A follow-up visit by a professional installer can be arranged for draught proofing and fitting LED lightbulbs.

Alternatively, during the pandemic LED lightbulbs can be posted direct to the householder if they prefer to arrange to fit them themselves.

If a visit to fit lightbulbs and/or draught proofing is agreed between householder and installer, the arrangements will be agreed in advance eg which door to enter by and who will be in the property. The installer will take full Covid precautions, including hand washing, a face mask, and keeping a minimum of 2 metres distance.

Q What sorts of things might help make my home cosier?

A The service focuses on installing draught proofing (for example, doors and windows, letterboxes and chimneys) as well as looking at ways of saving energy, such as LED light bulbs.

Q Is anything else available?

A Advice can also be provided about other improvements such as a new boiler, new insulation, renewables or new thermostats. These are not provided within the Cold to Cosy Homes service but it may be possible to look at other grants which could help to contribute to the costs. The advisor will be very happy to answer your questions – just ask.

Q Should I also check my energy tariff and think about switching?

A The advisor can help you with this. They can look at your recent bills and see whether you could get a better price.

Q Will I have to pay?

A The Cold to Cosy Homes service is provided free for those who meet any one of the criteria. These are listed on the leaflet, and include people with a number of health conditions, those who receive certain benefits or are on a low income, and those who are otherwise vulnerable.

Q Who provides this service?

A The service is provided by Cumbria Action for Sustainability. It is funded by the energy companies Energy Redress Scheme and is available across Cumbria.

Q How do I know that the service will be reliable and safe?

A Cumbria Action for Sustainability employs fully qualified advisors, and work will be undertaken by skilled staff.

Q But what about during the pandemic?

A The initial contact will be by phone. LED light bulbs can be delivered for the person or their family/friend to fit. If draught proofing is required, this will be done by one person who will take full Covid precautions, including hand washing, a face mask and keeping a minimum of 2 metres distance. Any further advice can also be given by phone.

Q Is there a time limit? Do I need to apply now?

A The service is funded until September 2021 and can provide help for 4000 households. It’s probably best to apply sooner rather than later.

Q It all sounds great, but how can I be sure that the workmanship will be of good quality? Is there anyone locally who I could talk to?
A In Staveley the Women’s Institute and SENS (Sustainability and Energy Network in Staveley) have teamed up to provide support for anyone who would like to find out more about Cold to Cosy Homes but is nervous about doing so.

To talk to a LOCAL ADVISOR call:
01539 822820 (Sheila)
07507 140021 (Sue)
01539 447507 (Lesley)
01539 822048 (Diane)


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