Staveley Rainfall April to July 2022

We’ve had 299mm of rain for the last quarter, 10 per cent over average. April had 56mm, a lot dryer than average, May had 110mm, 22 per cent over average and June 133mm, 39 per cent over average. June was actually our 2nd wettest month of the year so far, although it is usually wetter than March, April and May. In May it rained on 25 of the 31 days. In June we had 3 days of over 20mm of rain, which has only happened half a dozen time of the last 30 years, although we did have 10 consecutive dry days, from the 13th – 23rd June. Despite the storms in February, Jun 26th was the 3rd wettest day of the year so far, at 27mm. In June we had nearly twice as much rain as another gauge just 30 miles south on Over Kellet.


Staveley rainfall January to March 2022

In the first quarter of 2022 we had another 3 months of weather extremes, this time regarding rainfall. Since our records began, 37 years ago, January was the 9th driest January and March the 6th driest March. However February was the 5th wettest February. January gave us 94mm of rain, just over 50 per cent of the month’s average of 183mm. March gave us 75mm, only 55 percent of the average of 137mm. But February gave us 265mm some 75 per cent above the average of 137mm.

Of course the three months weather was dominated by the storms (Corrie 30-31 January, Dudley 16-17 February, Eunice 18 February and Franklin 20-21 February). The storms were probably more significant for their wind rather than their rain.  The highest daily rainfall for the quarter was 36mm on the 24th February. However it was their cumulative effect which was more significant and contributed to the high February rainfall. The 10 day period from the 11th February gave 180mm of rain, nearly 70 per cent of the month’s rain. This is interesting when compared with storm Desmond which gave just over 100mm of rain on one day and 160mm of rain over the two days.

We only had 3 dry days in February. The driest period over the quarter was for 9 days from the 18th when we had that lovely warm spell.



For many years Alan Lord collected rainfall data for Staveley. Since he passed away in 2020 Ed and Andy are continuing to compile this information – for which thanks!

A year of extremes.
The rainfall in 2021 for Staveley gave us another year of extremes with a very wet start and a very dry summer.  The year gave us 1842mm of rain in total, 8% above the average of 1707mm (since our records began in 1985), but rather less than the wet 2020 of 2129mm. The year started off where 2020 finished, it was wet. January, February and March gave us 667mm of rain in total, the second wettest start to a year since our records began (only beaten by 2020), and some 40% over the average.  It then turned dry with April giving us a tiny 9mm compared with an average of 86mm, the driest April and the second driest for all months since we started. This was followed by a wet May of 156mm, some 72% above our May average.  However, summer was dry: June, July, August and September gave us 287mm of rain, only 56% and well below the average of 490mm for the same 4 months. That was the second driest for those 4 months, bettered only by 1996.  This was followed by a very wet October, 403mm and 214% above average which was the wettest October and the 4th wettest month for any month since our records began, over double the average. November was drier than normal at 129mm and December about average at 193mm.

The rainfall figures are collected daily on Danes Road, Staveley by Ed Tipping and Andy Young for the Environment Agency and the Met Office.