Support for new allotments in Staveley

27th May 2013

Big Onion recently submitted the below letter to Staveley Parish Council in support of their work to establish new allotment plots. To let the Parish Council know how important you feel new allotment plots and access to growing space is, email on

Dear Staveley with Ings PCC,

I am writing on behalf of the Staveley Big Onion voluntary group in support of the current proposal to establish new allotments in the village.

The aim of the Big Onion group is to increase production and use of local food and goods with a view to long term environmental and economic sustainability of the Community (Community = Parishes of Staveley, Ings and Kentmere) and beyond.

In order to achieve these aims we would like the support of the Parish Council. One of the ways we are keen to do this is by renting land to establish further community growing space. Our Constitution allows us to rent land for the purpose stated above.

In addition, as a group we are seeking opportunities:

  • to engage all ages, groups, schools, churches and businesses in the community through events, newsletters, a web-site and other PR activities
  • to encourage all members of the Community to grow their own fruit and vegetables and extra for exchange/sharing
  • to capture and share local knowledge and expertise from local growers and craftspeople
  • to research and share information about the impact of climate change on the growing of food in the Community
  •  to collaborate with businesses in the Community to support the local economy
  • to reduce the use of fossil fuel in the Community
  • to provide opportunities for local people to sell local produce, subject to sellers’ agreement

We would seek to establish a strong presence on any new allotment site in the village in order to faciliate the above actions. We urge the Council to do everything in it’s powers to establish further allotments plots as quickly as possible, as a priority piece of work. We note that the provision of allotments is one of the principal powers of a Parish Council and that the Council has a statutory duty to provide plots.

As a group we would be willing to facilitate shared purchasing and delivery of horticultural consumables such as compost, etc in order to help minimise the requirements for vehicles to enter any new allotment site. We would aim to continue to offer training (such as our current Get Growing evening sessions at Staveley School garden) to help interested residents maintain healthy productive veg and fruit gardens. We have also developed resources (available online at to help people grow food successfully in the challenging conditions around Staveley.

Please could the Parish Clerk keep us informed of any progress made regarding the establishment of new allotment plots and/or community growing space in the Parish via the email

Many thanks,

Ruth Jennings
Staveley Big Onion


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