Food Sovereignty, Food Sustainability and Land Use/Distribution

3rd May 2013

A few useful websites on Food Sovereignty, Food Sustainability and Land Use/Distribution.

Compiled by the South Lakes World Development Movement group following their showing of the documentry Growing Change, about Venezaula’s food revolution. . an urgent call to lobby UK EU commissioner Katherine Ashton to stop EU legislation on seed regulation that threatens biodiversity on May 6th 2013.

UN Food and Agricultural Organization

Multinational control over food supplies

From Food Monopolies to Food Commons

Monopoly of grain trade

Global food losses and waste.

Enough Food for Everyone.

UK food security

Climate change and food supply

Land speculation what is it bad for?

Community land trusts

Who gets EU farm subsidies

EU lobbying in agriculture.

Only 50% of land is registered in the UK so who owns the land?


Local initiatives
South Lakeland Orchard Group
Growing Well
Staveley Big Onion
Cumbria Fair Trade walk
Ambleside Allotments association
Lakeland Permaculture
Community Roots Kendal

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