Spring Offers! Locally coppiced pea sticks, bean poles and charcoal

7th April 2013

Big onion deals. Support the sustainable management of our local woodlands.

Peasticks ¬£3.99 for a bundle. ‘Friends’ ¬£3.50 0r 3 for ¬£10

Beanpoles¬† ¬£9.00 for 11. ‘Friends’ ¬£7.99

Charcoal – local ¬£5.99 per bag. Big Onion ‘Friends’ ¬£4.99 per bag

Local delivery can be made – email us to arrange or ring 07801234242. Alternatively ask about these products at one of the events.

Becoming a ‘Friend’ of the Big Onion is now set at ¬£1 annually. Contact us for more information.

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