Spring Offers!

27th May 2012

Spring Offers!
Support the Big Onion local exchange and take advantage of these special prices for volunteers and Friends of the Big Onion: contact us to buy and arrange collection (or delivery within Staveley Village). Email sustainalbestaveley@gmail.com or call 07801234242 and leave a message.

  • Pea sticks Locally coppiced hazel pea sticks. Support your local woodlands. £3/bundle of 10 (normally £4)
  • Bean poles Locally coppiced alternative to imported bamboo. An opportunity to support sustainable woodland management. £9/bundle of 11 poles (normally £10)
  • Organic fish blood and bone meal Now’s the time to dig in some fertiliser and give your fruit and veg a head start. £14 per 25kg sacks (normally retail at £25)
  • Local barbeque charcoal from Silverdale. Burns really hot. Made from wood cut to restore local coppice woodlands. 3 bags for £15 (normally £5.99 each)

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